COIN Collection

In a recent post I discussed the general ignorance of many politicos on the status and tactics of the current war. His is extremely disappointing, given that there are lots og good resources out there to brush up with, like those from Blackfive that I covered in that recent post.

Today over at OPFOR, fellow AFROTC grad Noonan points to another good educational read by counterinsurgency savant David Kilcullen, Understanding Current Operations in Iraq, over at Small Wars Journal (one of the best COIN resources out there for all you Congresscritters reading....). Noonan also has his own good write up of the ignorance of the left from back in March at Townhall, They know so much that isn't so. To finish off the education catch Kilcullen in the great interview with Austin Bay that he mentions, in Bay's Blog Week in Review podcast from last week.

On a slightly different front, good bud and world famous Noah Shachtman has a couple of great posts at Danger Room about terrorist information operations and some interesting strengths and weaknesses in their approach using media and blogs.

Off-the-beaten-path milblogger MountainRunner wraps it all up with a nice bow in a post titled "The War of Images and Ideas: a reality in modern conflict", as he manages to connect the efforts of Shachtman and Kilkullen, and offers further cogent thoughts including this one...."We have the advantage of the truth and yet we don't use it."

How true and how sad.

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