Obama - Bad Sequel or Bad Remake??

Obama's new low poll numbers have caused some to state that he is now entering...[duh duh DUH!] The Carter Zone!

Glenn Reynolds suggest that in movie terms this is actually the sequel, Attack from Beyond The Carter Zone.

This is a tough call. Is the Obama Administration simply a bad sequel to the Carter Administration? Or is it, as Hollywood is addicted to doing nowadays, just a bad remake of a tired old 70s/80s television show?

I would propose that it is actually worse than either of those. The Obama Administration is actually a much anticipated prequel, where using new and modern special effects (and a lot more money) they can change/ignore the historical backstory, and they can make liberalism really works this time!

Of course we all know how that turned out the last time that was tried....

And like the Star Wars prequels, the unfortunate reality is that the machinations of this Obama 'movie' will be around forever...they will never go away...

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