For Whom the Bulb Tolls

As Instapundit is more than happy to point out, you can still get old-fashioned incandescent light bulbs over on Amazon...

But if you want to find them, don't try looking in new childrens books.  In a perfectly unoffensive book that I recently purchased, we find a main character who suddenly has an idea.  What appears above her head?  This? 


For over a century the incandescent light bulb has been the symbol of ideas that have come instantly to mind.  Now I guess this "new & improved" politically correct image will be the symbol of ideas that take a few minutes to actually reach their full brightness....  

But this is what we should expect in our future lives in a European-style social democracy.  Things that are not quite as quick, efficient, or enjoyable as they used to be...but it will all be for the common good.