Obama's Successful Stimulus!

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Did I say "successful"? I meant putrid failure!

Thanks to Jim Pethokoukis for giving us this July update on the progress of Obama's deficit-busting crony payoff Stimulus.

Most importantly, note the green comment in the upper right corner.

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Obama's America - This Space for Lease

Marooned in Marin has a great pictorial rundown on today's visit to Manassas, VA by the new Romney/Ryan team.

But perhaps the most apropos shot was not of the rally itself, but a scene just down the street, as a small gaggle of of Obamatons hang outside the local Campaign collective.

 But what caught my eye was the yellow sign, hanging amongst all the blue ones....

Normally one wouldn't see a Campaign HQ wanting to rent out their space until after the election.  

All joking aside, the fact that Obama would take over a storefront that has apparently gone under during his economic reign is totally appropriate, and the ultimate bumper-sticker for his economic plan.

Obama's America - This Space for Lease


CNN Commits Act of Journalism!

Holy Crap, CNN does its job!

I doubt we will see this again....