Background Checks?

Having read nothing else, I believe the "background checks" should be the deal killer.

I see an immediate problem in that I have undergone numerous U.S. Govt required background checks, and they can take months to finalize. I know that it can be even worse for those who have family members who are foreign citizens and live overseas, or have a foreign born spouse. 24 hours is absurd.

Since all of those who will apply for these background checks will be from foreign countries, I can't see how these can really be called "background checks".

Of course this is a throwaway term, in that it sounds safe and reassuring, but is in fact a misrepresentation. I am sure that they in fact will be a cursory look to see if illegal immigrants are in the criminal justice system. If not, "Congratulations!" Of course since most illegals are not in any system (SSA, IRS, etc...), passing these checks will be a breeze.

What a sham....

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Kara said...

They have international background checks that you can run, and of course they cost more. But don't you think that would be more effective?