Anti-War Films 3 Years Too Late...

As has been noted by others in the blogosphere, this fall brings a cornucopia of Hollywood productions with a decidedly anti-war bent.

However, could it be that these films are really getting to the theater too late to achieve their intended ideological influence? I am inclined to say yes, given the events of the last six months. The minds of the American people, while somewhat sour to a protracted conflict, influenced by daily media emphasis on death rather than balance, have still not turned against the war.

Perhaps even the Hollywood PR talent realizes this too, given that they seem to be trying to sell Robert Redford's "Lions for Lambs" as a pro-war film.

I say this based on watching the ads and the trailers, which are crafted to display pride in joining the fight and asking the important questions:
"Do you win the war on terror? Yes or No? This is the quintessential 'Yes or No' question of our time. Yes or No?!"

To me that sounds very much like a challenge from a conservative to a liberal concerning this fight we are in. However, I will bet dollars to doughnuts that Redford's film will be nothing like the ads portray, and that his character will turn out to be the villain....

It is because they know that the tide is turning....

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