New Army doctrine admits Air Power is superior!

Apparently the Army has seen the light and has admitted that Air Power is superior in the counter-insurgency fight...
"Whacking bad people is dangerous. It’s also hard. It’s easier and safer to whack the bad people if you do it from the air or the ocean. That’s because the bad people can’t afford the super weapons that do stuff from there. That’s why we have to be nice to the Navy and Air Force; so they will whack bad people with great enthusiasm."
It is good to see that AirLand Battle has returned, with the emphasis on "Air"

If the above quotation seems to be written in an unorthodox manner, then perhaps you need to read the entirety of the new spiffy version of "FM 3-0 Operations" for School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS) students.

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(H/T: Small Wars Journal)

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