Surround Them With Tolerance

So they want to build a mosque mere feet from Ground Zero?

Of course I am opposed. Not because I am anti-Muslim, but because as we have been brow beaten that multi-culturalism is about not offending the sensibilities of others, building a mosque next to the site where Jihad killed thousands of Americans offends my sensibilities.

But if we can not appeal to the those 'moderate' Muslims building the place, and the condescending liberal bureaucrats clearing the way, at least we can play the same game.

Don't want to take our sensibilities into account? Fine, then we won't take yours either.

In a good first start, Greg Gutfield wants to build a gay bar for Muslim men right next door. Ithink this is a great idea, and will help the cause of spreading tolerance in NYC. Though I think he might have a problem getting a liquor license from those aforementioned bureaucrats. I wish him good luck,

But I think that we could also open a second front, but opening a perfectly legal retail establishment just on the other side of the mosque. Yes, I think we need to open a large Victoria's Secret, with its large display windows and high level of female traffic, right next door, or directly across the street. I think this would go a long way is helping the Muslim culture become more tolerant of the freedom of women in an open society.

Now what NY liberal could oppose that?