When Pigs Fly

Culturally-insensitive vandalism using a common food item might now be considered a hate crime:
Bacon attack on an American mosque: prank or hate crime?

Strips of bacon spelling 'PIG' and 'CHUMP' were found in front of a South Carolina mosque Sunday. In post-9/11 America, pork – which is unclean in Islam – is a primary form of anti-Muslim protest.

So I guess this means Pink Floyd should avoid booking reunion concerts in stadiums where Muslims might be nearby?

And really CS Monitor...does bacon lying on a sidewalk in a organized fashion constitute a "Bacon Attack"?? It is like you are trying to push a certain agenda with an inflammatory headline....nah, that couldn't be!


Norma said...

I don't like people using my Lord's name in vain but have to listen to it constantly on TV, movies, on the street. Is that a swearing attack?

Georgfelis said...

So spelling Muhammud's name in bacon on the sidewalk is a double-fatwa?

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