Democrat's Cottage Retirement Industry

Today Instapundit asked the question:
"How safe is your Roth IRA?"
He was quoting from a Megan McArdle article on the fact that some (many?) on the left would like love to get their hands on all that cash which is never going to produce any more taxes for their schemes. (except of course when it is spent...)

So McArdle also dispenses with some unorthodox investment advice on how to avoid any lefty machinations, like perhaps buying a vacation home with the cash. Professor Reynolds adds:
"Or maybe buying a vacation home overseas, the way inhabitants of third-world kleptocracies have done for years to avoid desperate grabs by debt-ridden regimes."
Of course this is an especially apt observation, if by "third-world kleptocracies" he meant Congress, and by "inhabitants" he meant Chris Dodd, or Charlie Rangel.

Here is Congress putting the McArdle plan in action...



Or inaction if you prefer:

Take heed America!


Patrick said...

I'm looking at houses on Achill Island (Ireland). Rural, utterly beautiful, and the next land west is Newfoundland.

Of course, I may wait a bit, to see how the Irish government handles its current unpleasantness.

Andy said...

I may wait a bit, to see how the Irish government handles
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