Occupy WWII!

A lot of hay has been made this week about the Obama Administration's petulant and vindictive decision to put on some political theater, and unnecessarily shut down many national parks and memorials.  The most publicized of course was the barricading (Barry-cading?) of the World War II Memorial.

WWII vets showed their spunk and easily moved through the movable barricades to go and view the Memorial.

Headline writers went in to overdrive and broke out the military metaphors:

World War II Veterans Occupy Their Memorial in D.C.
WW II Veterans Breach Barriers at World War II Memorial in Washington DC

It was hardly an "occupation", but rather a solemn viewing by elderly veterans that occurs most every day.  However so egregious was this affront, that the barricades have now been wired together to prevent easy "breaching".

Of course, wiring the barricades together doesn't really do much, outside of setting up a situation where someone could be arrested (legitimately or not) for trespassing and destruction of gov't property (if they cut the wire).

I think that the WWII vets should call the administration's bluff, by taking a page out of the lefty's own Alinskyite playbook.  Namely, the aforementioned....OCCUPATION!

Last year the media couldn't get enough of these antics:

Let's see how they like:

Seriously.  WWII vets and their families should set up camp in the Memorial.  Dare the administration to do something about it.  There would be no better political theater than federal agents arresting octogenarians and nonagenarians at a monument to the heroism of them and their fallen comrades.

I am sure these vets could show the lefties a thing or two on how to actually do an occupation.  Perhaps Rolling Thunder could ride in to provide them a little "support".  Even if it is for a short period of time, it would send a powerful message about the audacity, stupidity, pettiness, and the failure of leadership of this administration.

Set up camp and make President Obama feel the heat!  


Update 1:  Have reinforcements landed?

Update 2:  The breaches continue, but where is the occupation?

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