Celebrating Airpower

Another new resource that I really love, while not living history, certainly makes history seem to come alive. I speak of course about the History Channel's series 'Dogfights'.

This amazing series uses photo-realistic computer rendering to present famous air battles from pilots/god/fly-on-the-wall perspectives. It is truly something that needs to be seen to be believed. Not to overuse a phrase, but it is almost like being there. Below are some screen shots (not photos...):

In addition to the amazing visuals, the programs include interviews and descriptions from the pilots who actually fought the battles. I can think of no better way to present this valuable military history. As I said, the visuals are amazing, which is essential for presenting things to today's youth, and the video game appearance (but with even better resolution) will definitely catch their attention. Learning history never looked so good. My DVR is always set....

Here is a good video preview....(resolution greatly reduced by youtube)

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