Getting Richer

Instapundit links to an article from the Boston Globe about how my state of birth continues to earn its nickname of 'Taxachussetts" as Property Taxes continue to rise, and both property values and state services decline. Glenn Reynolds calls it "the inevitable result of a bloated and inefficient public sector".

I did like the hidden factoid in this paragraph, can you find it?
"Since 2000, property taxes have shot up nearly 50 percent, from $2,679, far outpacing gains in wages, which climbed 30 percent statewide over the same period, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Over the past seven years, the average annual property tax hikes for homeowners have ranged from about $150 to nearly $215."
What? Wages have increased?? By 30% since Bush took office????? I thought that wages were stagnant or falling. Isn't this the main premise of "The Two Americas"?

Somebody call John Edwards...


Vero said...

Tried to call Edwards to advise, but none of his 1/2 dozen of so SUV's would accept my incoming call

ExitToShell said...

There are two Americas; North America and South America.

Brian said...

Do what I did. Evacuate to the Southwest.

Slim999 said...

Come on ... if you're going to lean Republican, at least think like an economist.

Nominal wages rise every year, owing simply to inflation.

Real wages (measured in non-inflated dollars) have been stagnate for the last 7 years - owing to the downward pressure of allowing 12 million illegal immigrants into the country.

mockmook said...

"Nominal wages rise every year, owing simply to inflation."


Are you saying inflation has increased prices 30% since 2000?

MooseDung said...

slim999...that's a pretty strong statement, considering that the labor department statistics needed to assess "REAL WAGES" are not available for 2005 yet so the most current data available would be only thru 2004.

Since Bush took office in 2001, the best you could hope to show would be wage stagnation for a period of 5 years.

Also, there are several measures of "REAL WAGES," (e.g., GDP v. CPI) to which do you subscribe and why?

Finally, you provide no links. This is a common meme perpetuated by the left wing...you sir are a shill.


P.S.: Real wages in Mass haven't increased 30% by any measure over any period in the past 7 years...the report is simply wrong on that account.