CNN carries Dems water on War

I know that headline is a shock to many of you. So lets look at the details....

CNN gives prominent display to "a report" that pumps up the costs of the wars to include the cost of everything including the kitchen sink....

In fact this "report" is nothing but a propaganda sham by Congressional Democrats.

A couple of really rediculous points stand out clearly. First, the "costs" include the increase in the price of oil, which the Dems squarely blame of the war in Iraq ("The war in Iraq has disrupted world oil markets leading to increased prices", Page 3)

This of course is bunk. There are so many other factors which have driven the cost of oil to its heights. Increased demand, and decreased supplies to start. I guess this means that the Dems have abandoned one of their favorites memes blaming the high prices at the pumps on the evil oil companies.....

The Dems also crow about how costs will climb to $3.5 trillion....10 years from now. Less than 50% of that is attributed to 'Direct Appropriations' (Page 9). Almost a third belongs to some cost called 'Foregone Investment Return". Hmmmm...what is that saying? Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics?

I don't see any mention of all the extra armor that the Dems called for to curry favor for elections. You remember that? We had to have extra armor to 'protect the troops'. As it turns out, it mostly ended up distancing the troops from the Iraqi populace, the exact opposite of what the new winning counter-insurgency strategy calls for.

So maybe if we had spent less on armor, we could have been closer to the Iraqi populace, which might havehelped shorten the war, thus reducing the cost.....who knows, but food for thought.

Anyhow....thanks CNN! What would the Dems do if you weren't around to carry their water and trumpet their partisan talking points?

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M. Simon said...

Forgone Investment Return?

Who knew the Democrats believed in supply side economics?