Come Vote in NH - Part II

On the night of the New Hampshire primary, I speculated (slightly tongue in cheek) that perhaps some Dems had crossed into the state to vote for Hillary.

Instapundit has posted this about other possible election shenanigans:
DAILYKOS: Vote for Mitt!

UPDATE: In the same vein, a reader emails:

I've been wondering if it would make sense for Republicans to cross over in states where they can and vote for Hillary hoping that if Clinton is the Dem nominee, then blacks may vote Republican in November or sit out.

I dunno, but it seems a bit tacky. Doesn't it?
Of course these types of machinations are probably what have gone on in smoke-filled political backrooms for years. Only now they are being discussed by amateurs.

I would think that the very fact that the general public is now conspiring (because, yes, this would be a conspiracy) on how to manipulate elections should be cause for states to re-look at their types of elections (like cross party primaries) and their rules for voting eligibility.

A good start would bea voter ID requirement. Are you listening Indiana?

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