Come Vote in NH

Update: Numbers below have been updated this AM...

In 2004, in a desperate battle to try to unseat the fascist Bush war regime, the Dems managed a grand total of 217,401 votes in the pivotal NH primary.

This year with a much more open, and winnable, race for the Presidency, the Dems have a total of 278,068 votes. But that is with 96% of the precincts counted. If you project this rate out to 100%, that would predict ~289,650 total votes.

So I guess my question is....where did those extra 72,000+ votes come from? I am sure there are a number of factors, from new voters, to the wandering NH independents. But I also have to wonder how many of those Hillary supporters who were shipped in to pump up the volume might have stuck around to vote? What are NH polling place criteria anyways?

OK, I know I an cynical....

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