Lowering the Bar

Instapundit links to an interesting piece on a Professor who is losing his job for flunking too many students. He argues that the students aren't prepared to handle the coursework, and the university argues that he is not doing his job because the school is a "historically black university with a...mission of educating those who aren’t well prepared".

Here is what the school's spokesperson had to say on the issue:
Sharon R. Hoggard, a spokeswoman for Norfolk State, said that she could not comment at all on Aird’s case. But she did say this, generally, on the issues raised by Aird: “Something is wrong when you cannot impart your knowledge onto students. We are a university of opportunity, so we take students who are underprepared, but we have a history of whipping them into shape. That’s our niche.”
First off..."whipping"?!? Ms Hoggard should probably count her lucky stars that she is black, or like Mr. Aird, she could be cleaning out her office today as well. Seriously, who doesn't think that a perfectly innocent (and in context) phraseology like "whipping them into shape" wouldn't cause a lot of trouble for a white spokesman at a historically black college? Just a passing thought....

Second, and more importantly, if the students are not prepared for University-level learning, then they shouldn't be there at all. It shouldn't be the role of a University teach 'underprepared' students. That is what we have Community Colleges for. Not everyone is ready for, or needs to participate in, a University environment. To turn a cruel but true phrase from the erudite Judge Smails: "The world needs ditch-diggers too."

Anyhow, if you want to be disgusted by the political correctness that lowers the bar such that the students can succeed, but the education process fails, be sure to read the whole article....

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Mark said...

Who was it that said, "We have gone from teaching Latin and Greek in high school to remedial English in college"?