Son, Russians Don't Take a Dump without a Plan

I'll tell you a little secret....it ain't just the Russkies. We do it too.

That's why I always love it when I see breathless (or brainless) press accounts that proclaim that the US has plans to strike/bomb some various country that we don't like.

Well......DUH! Of course we have a plan. Otherwise when it came time, we would be running around pulling stuff out our butts and gennerally not have a clue to intended effects and collateral damage estimates, etc....

So when I read things like "Russert says that NBC News has learned the U.S. has assembled military plans to strike targets in Iran..." I have to chuckle. Of course we do. It would be irresponsible not to have such plans.

The military has plenty of plans for plenty of 'contingencies', that they can pull of the shelf and adapt whenever they need them. But I guess hat little fact doesn't make good headlines.


Mark said...

My Marine unit wargamed taking Bandar Abbas in 1981.

Anonymous said...

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