The 44th White President?

Mark Steyn comments on the still-birthing of "Post-Racial America":
So black liberal pundit Juan Williams defends Rush Limbaugh, and black liberal radio host Warren Ballentine tells him: "Go back to the porch."

Gotta love this post-racial presidency. At this rate, everything will be all race, all the time, 24/7 by mid-November.

By the way, the folks standing up for Rush in this clip are two black men and a gay woman. Racists!

So two black men and a gay woman walk into the Democratic party bar and Rick Sanchez tells them: "Sorry, we don't serve angry white men."

It has been quite obvious for some time that the people with the real prejudice are those on the Left still wearing their ideological blinders. Most of America (including mainstream conservatives) shed theirs a long time ago.

Steyn may be right about the "all race, all the time" thing. But the question is...Which race? Given that so much energy has been expended on the Left extolling how a bi-racial individual is the "First Black President", I wonder that if his polls sink too low the Left might distance themselves and begin to refer to Obama as the "44th White President".

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