Our General's Wisdom Quickly Falls Out Of Fashion

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As Speaker Pelosi said, the President's plan will receive an up-or-down vote in both Chambers of Congress. With that vote, our hope -- our prayer -- is that this President will finally listen. Listen to the Generals.

An adviser to the administration said: "People aren't sure whether McChrystal is being naïve or an upstart. To my mind he doesn't seem ready for this Washington hard-ball and is just speaking his mind too plainly."

In London, Gen McChrystal, who heads the 68,000 US troops in Afghanistan as well as the 100,000 Nato forces, flatly rejected proposals to switch to a strategy more reliant on drone missile strikes and special forces operations against al-Qaeda.

Oh, how things change so quickly.... I wonder what the difference could be??

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Howard said...

Perhaps McCrystal is wrong? Doubling down in Afghanistan is a likely failure as well. This is a very tricky problem that does not need an Iraq surge solution.

He might be right, but it concerns me that he is speaking way above his pay-grade. There is a reason the founders gave civilians control of our armed forces... the same wise guys who made the bill of rights.