Thoughts on Arizona

First, critics should read the law. The bottom line is that this law does not create new enforcement actions, but only enforces existing Federal immigration laws.

It is amazing how ignorant most criticism is on this issue. It is way out of control. Not that some Republicans have been any better.

If people want to deride this law as 'Nazi' or 'police state' tactics, 'draconian', or surprise surprise, 'racist', then they need to ask themselves, are all immigration laws are racist?

If this law is racist, then so are our existing federal laws. What say you, Mr. President?

Second, some conservatives like the esteemed Hugh Hewitt are worried that this law is problematic for the Right's efforts to win big in this fall's elections. This is a legitimate concern, as the Dems know how to put on a good propaganda show, especially with the media in lock-step.

However, I think things can turn for the better. If the law were to stand, then the propaganda show could proceed apace. However the liberal interest groups will not be able to help themselves, as they trip over one another to get to the courthouse door to get a liberal judge to order and injunction. In doing so, they will shift the focus.

The easiest liberal argument is that Federal laws trump state law on immigration. While this is a valid legal argument, politically it allows conservatives to turn the tables and point out how pourous and ineffective those federals laws actually are.

If the left wants to defeat Arizona by claiming that the Federal Govt trumps states on the issue, then bring it on. Thats isn't a record of achievement I want to run on going into the November elections.

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