Tea Party Protests Turn Violent and Riot!

I am sorry did I say Tea Party Protests? I meant May Day Protests.

You can understand my mistake though. When I heard the word 'protests' and 'violence' on CNN, I naturally assumed it must be the Tea Partiers. I mean that is what the media and none other than Bill Clinton has told us is coming, right? Who would have thunk that lefty anarchist thugs could resort to violence during a May Day protest. I thought that type of behavior was reserved to septuagenarian patriots.

Confederate Yankee
highlights another riot on the other side of the country.
Imagine, if you will, what would happen if a group split off from a Tea Party protest and went on a rampage, smashing windows and vandalizing cars. Eleven are arrested, and some of those have known ties to right wing militia groups.

Don't you think that dozens of stories would have flooded network news and talk shows, and that government officials—perhaps Obama himself—would decry the right wing violence?

Well, that likely would occur if the violence was right wing in origin, but when a group of radical leftists split off from the main crowd at a pro-communist May Day parade in Asheville, NC over the weekend and went on a rampage, the national media utterly ignored it.

Seriously though, it is sad when the media can foment so much about how the Tea Parties are a forbearance of violence, but continue to fail to cover the actual violence, when it comes from the left.