Free The Teachers From Politicians!! (Except The Ones That Will Give Them What They Want)

Bill Hobbs has some interesting pictures from a Tennessee teachers protest. One in particular caught my eye.

[Photo: Bill Hobbs, 2011]

Now I am confused.... Is this a call for every child to be home schooled?

Or perhaps she is just a big proponent of having bake sales to fund her school. Because that's what it will take once we get "politicians out of education", and all local, state, and federal dollars disappear.

And if there are no politicians involved in education, who is her union going to collectively bargain with? I just hope she isn't teaching a class in critical thinking....

Of course what she really means is "Don't let *conservative* politicians derail the 'union dues-liberal politician campaign warchests-collusive collective bargaining-gold plated pay & benefits for me' gravy train."

1 comment:

Andy said...

there are no politicians integrated in education
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