Obama's Libya Speech - Word Cloud

Here is the official, "as prepared for delivery" word cloud of Bush's Obama's speech on Libya tonight:

Apparently it had something to do about people (mentioned 39 times)... And here I thought he was going to talk about the current war we are engaged in over Libya, but he only mentioned that word once..


Cyranos DeMet said...

CharlieFoxtrot… the only member of the military I haven't supported was Bush43 for his part in spending American blood to make corporate profits, an accusation well proven at this point from many sources. The last to be accused of that crime was LBJ's wife Ladybird back in the late sixties, making a fortune off the chemical companies selling agent orange and napalm to the military.

He had to talk to the public, and he had to do it without giving away what he had in mind for a battle plan. Would you like to be the CIC and try and walk that line? With the lives of your men on the line to how good a job you did? Cut him enough slack to operate. His speech was vague, but it needed to be. No one had a hint he was going to commit our forces when the tomahawks flew, as a result the majority of Libyan combat radars were sitting ducks. If he'd blown off his mouth before hand they'd have been full dispersed, the mission reduced to less than half the success it had.

Part of what won Obama my vote was a photo of him snapped while he was shooting pool with his guys, the way he was holding his cue between shots. I've seen that before... that's someone who isn't going to start the fight, but if the fight comes his way he'll snap the butt end of that pool cue up under someone's chin so fast they never see it coming. Kind of a Teddy Roosevelt thing, another amateur who did a decent job as President and CIC, both at home and abroad.

Andy said...

Cut him enough slack to operate. His voice was vague, however it required to be.
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