The RNC is on a Roll

Who is @Reince Priebus, and what has he done with the old @GOP?

I wouldn't blame you if you had ignored the RNC, what with its recent record of hamfisted party and message management, and ability to grasp defeat from the jaws of victory.  But it seems that those days are gone...at least for the moment.

Perhaps in its greatest achievement this election cycle (outside of raising boatloads of cash) is the fact that the RNC has hired a crew that actually knows how to put together an effective, and devastating political ad.  One that sticks the rhetorical knife in, twists it, and all without some over-the-top,scary voiceover.

It has suddenly (and finally!) dawned on someone in the RNC that the scariest voiceover for political ads, can be that of Barack Obama...

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