Ups and Downs - A Poll Breakdown

Below is a representation of Rasmussen's Daily Presidential Swing State Tracking Poll, courtesy of race42012.com.

It is definitely a tale of ups and downs.  So lets break it down, and overlay some events, and see what might make it move the way it did...

So, obviously both candidates got 4-point bounces out of the their respective conventions.  Then the chaos in the Middle East happened.

There are certainly too many Obama Administration equivocations since Sept 11 to put on this graphic, but needless to say, it doesn't look like the good citizens of the swing states are taking to kindly their handling of the situation.  Now it is also hard to say whether Mitt Romney benefited from the press conference where he called out the Administration, and the Court Eunuchs Main Stream Press said he failed miserably, but the trend is in his favor.  Or perhaps he is just the lucky winner, as the real miserable failure pushes a tepid policy of appeasement between fund raising.

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