Hate Trumps Everything

Remember that heady time way back in the Fall of 2016, when the Left shouted as one from their Safe Spaces that "Love Trumps Hate"?

The Left was aghast at all the alleged forms of hate that they saw in the form of a Donald Trump candidacy. They even went as far to make up nice signs, and hold peaceful protests to show how serious they were.

Then Election Day happened.

You would think that the United States had suddenly transformed into an oppressive, fascist state overnight.  The young lefties who had never been told no,and always been awarded their participation and "Great Try" ribbons, had no idea how to handle losing.

So what better way to show you are a mature and emotionally stable adult who should have a seat at the table of deciding the direction of a nation?  Rioting of course!  And lots of whining, blubbering, and vulgarity as well....

So, lets review.  

"Love Trumps Hate" - OUT

Hate Trumps Everything - IN!

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