New England's Big Weekend

This looks like it could be quite a weekend in New England...

- According to these projections, Hurricane Danny could ruin the end to the First Family's posh vacation on the Vineyard. I wonder what the over/under will be for how long it will take the White House to blame it on Global Warming? Or perhaps paid for by those evil insurance companies?

- Depending on speed, said Hurricane could also put quite a fix on the planned Boston funeral ceremony for Senator Ted Kennedy.

- Interestingly, it seems that the new line of attack by the Dems will be to try and push through Obamacare quickly in order to honor Kennedy and cement his legacy. However last time I checked for a good deal of American's Kennedy's legacy is already cemented, and it is that of a punchline to many late-night TV jokes about womanizing, drunken behavior, or political elitism. And Mayor Quimby didn't just miraculously materialize on the pages of a script from 'The Simpsons'. Thus for the Dems to want to use him as a reason to convince Americans that this healthcare boondoggle needs to be completed immediately seems a little misguided.

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