Why Are Voters Angry?

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"Bait-and-Switch - There is a growing sense of a “we’ve been had”, bait-and-switch....the Obama swing voter thought he was getting a 21st-century version of pragmatic, triangulating Bill Clinton—and instead got something to the left of 1970s Jimmy Carter."

In his latest effort, Prairie Fire Anger, Victor Davis Hansen does a fantastic job outlining the "cascading anger at a new sort of left-wing elitism and hypocrisy"

Another example:
"A well educated technocracy—we see such figures in the emblematic Timothy Geithner, Eric Holder, or Barack Obama himself —have most of their lives served in government, largely regulating, overseeing, organizing, auditing, and sermonizing far more productive and capable others. One of the worst flaws of this species of utopian technocrat is the notion that he wishes to curtail in others the very things he wishes to enjoy without constraint himself.

Thus we sense that a Geithner does not wish to pay the taxes he hikes on others. A Holder wants to destroy through subpoena and litigation the Bush lawyers, but pleaded once for mercy for his own shenanigans involving the crooked Clinton pardons. And Obama lectures about the inequality of wealth and the burdens of racism while his wife’s salary climbed as his political influence grew."

How much longer do they think they can hide behind the failings of President Bush?

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Larry Sheldon said...

I wonder if there is any reaction to "I told you so!" (spoken or unspoken) in that remorse.

I have trouble feeling sorry for them.

Yes, I do feel sorry for my self, and for their children and for anybody else that didn't _get_ a chance.