Hollywood Is Finally Free to Speak Its Mind!!

Remember the bad ol' days of the Bush Administration, when artists were afraid to speak their minds, and Hollywood was forced to make pro-Iraq war movies? No? Thats probably because we weren't living in Bizarro America. However if you listen to some liberals at the time, the mere atmosphere emanating from the Bush White House crushed all dissent.

Well now that Obama is President, the morally superior artistic proletariat is free to express their rage against their most important target....Sarah Palin??

It has been just over a year since Palin was thrust onto the national scene, and has survived many a skewering by the artistic left on the perpetual motion medium that is TV. But I think we have what would be our first throw-away jab a Palin in a major Hollywood release (be sure to watch the trailer in Quicktime HD, I will explain why in a sec).

The film, staring Sarah Jessica Parker, is about an NYC yuppie couple wisked off into witness protection in Hollywood's stereotypical podunk town in Wyoming (look out for Dick Cheney and his shotgun!) There is one scene where a fine-looking brunette cowmama (Mary Steenburgen) racks a shotgun, and Parker's aghast yuppie declares, "Oh my God, It's Sarah Palin."
Oh...so clever. I am guessing that line has been percolating in some writer's mind since before he was released from interment in the Ashcroft Artistic Gulags in late January.

This line is sure to elicit guffaws aplenty, and make all left-thinking patrons of this film feel superior at having laughed in the face of evil and survived! Congratulations Hollywood, you made it to safety after 8 years of purgatory. Let the smugness flow....

Now, if the left can be catty about Palin, I suppose its OK for us to be so in return as well. Thus I have one question...When did the 44 year-old Sarah Jessica Parker turn 60?!? Egads! HD is NOT kind to the SJP. Somebody call the Botox Emergency line....


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