SAG: All your acting are belong to us

One would think that the main purpose of the Screen Actor's Guild would be to protect its members. However, it apparently puts a lot of effort (and talent) into harassing its members when they allegedly break the union bylaws, even 7 year later.

Enter Elliot Gould, stage left:
OMG. Yesterday was the date of my meeting with SAG regarding my nefarious (and unpaid) participation in a mini-DV short film, back in friggin’ 2002 (yes, the 2002 that was seven years ago), a film on which no money was spent nor made. I had expected to walk in and, once they realized that no money was made on this film (”Martine,” directed by Mark Gantt), I’d be dismissed with an apology for having been brought in at all. Wrong.
I sat down in a conference room at the SAG building opposite two lawyers, some SAG executive, some actress I didn’t know, and none other than Elliot Gould and Adam Arkin...
At one point, Gould lost it and yelled at me: “Your loyalty is to US! Your UNION! Not your friend in the middle of the night, whoever he is! To US! And What we’re FIGHTING FOR!”

Where do I sign up?? With Unions like these..who needs enemies?

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