MSM: Move Along..Nothing to See Here!

So...what are the biggest news stories of the weekend according to the nation's leading media outlets?

A missing graduate student, dirty water, and nicer treatment for terrorist detainees. And...if you look a little closer...you might notice the acknowledgment that "thousands" of people marched on the National Mall to protest many items being pushed by the Obama Administration.

While the CNN article makes absolutely no mention of crowd size, it has been estimated by some that it could approach 2 million people. That may seem high, but even if the crowd surpassed 1 million, it could arguably be the largest crowd ever to assemble on the National Mall. In fact it would be higher than the crowd for President Obama's Inauguration.

Even if it were simply close to being the largest ever, one would think that might merit the leading headline on a slow news Saturday. Alas no, but lets take a look at what was on the major news webpages this evening....

Not a whole loota Tea Party in there is there? At least the WaPo put a Tea Party slideshow up there.

But I suppose we should not be at all surprised that these news tools organs would provide aid and comfort to the Administration.

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