Obama Afghanistan Speech Word Count

President Obama's Afghanistan Speech Word Count: 'I' - 45, 'Afghanistan' - 39, 'Victory' - 0

Here is the word cloud for the speech:

(Wordle removes the most common english words, thus 'I' does not appear)


Kevin Creighton said...

Well, now we know what the speech was really all about.

Andy said...

We - 106 times.

Why, that bastard!

dia said...

hi all,
charlie, how did you do it? did you copy/paste part of the speech, all of it? It is awesome. Like Kevin said now we know more about the speech.
wordleaddict, Rome, Italy

George Edwards said...
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George Edwards said...

Wordle leaves out common words by default. You can put them back in. That is what I did. As you can see "Afghanistan" and "I" are used about the same number of times. But "our" and "we" are much larger than all of the other 4,665 words that were in the transcript.
Here is a link to my wordle:

JS said...

So approximately where does 'victory' show up?

com_news said...

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