Green Police Crackdown

This is a new Audi commercial to run during the Super Bowl.

Note the message is that you will not be considered a criminal if you buy the correct things. Not just the holder of an incorrect opinion, but a criminal. Also note that there is no irony in the presentation of this fact by Audi. They are not trying to produce yet another funny Super Bowl commercial, they are trying to sell us a 'Green' product, by using the message that if you aren't green, you are worthy of arrest by a SWAT team. Nice....

This is our future if the liberals continue to rule and keep driving us down the road towards the full-time Nanny State.

[Hat Tip: Jammie Wearing Fool]


Larry Sheldon said...

I'm sorry.

Like the hitler-in-a-bunker things, this is not funny.

MaddMedic said...

Dumb, dumbest and most maddening commercial I have seen in a while.
Made me go buy as many incandescent bulbs as I coould find and ammo to go with them. You wearing green shorts and on my property???
Not a smart move!!