Tough Times All Around

"I know these are tough times to hold public office." - President Obama

This is a quote clip of the President talking to Democratic Senators that Hugh Hewitt played numerous times tonight, and is well worth review for how out of touch Washington DC is to what is going on around its country.

These are tough times to be a small business owner.

These are tough times to be a Marine in Helmand Province.

These are tough times to be an unemployed parent with mouths to feed.

But these are NOT tough times to be a United States Senator, with a 6-figure salary, large staffs, gold-plated health care and living standards, campaign war chests, and future retirements as a well-heeled lobbyist/public speaker.

Just because you see your current political fortunes hurtling off a cliff, don't think we have any sympathy for your "tough times", seeing as how y'all are the ones who stepped on the gas and wouldn't turn the wheel.

Sell your sob story somewhere else...

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