Media Matters Should Actually Listen To....The Media

Yesterday over on Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds noted that he was quoted in an NPR story about Andrew Breitbart. One of his many readers sent in the following aside:
“Listened to the NPR Breitbart report while going to dinner. Was surprised to hear the reporter describe you as the ‘conservative’ blogger Instapundit. It doesn’t use that term in the written version you linked to, but the as-broadcast version sure did. Check it out.”
Reynolds has professed many times (usually after media misidentification like this) to not be a conservative, but more of a libertarian.

Today, Media Matters for America wastes some trons on a deluded rant by Jamison Foser about Breitbart and some cockamamie Vince Foster tangent. Foser is a 'Senior Fellow' at MMFA, which apparently is code for "
I am a progressive who couldn't even get a real job in Obama controlled Washington."

Anyhow, shortly into his Breibart rant Foser said:
"Take this week's piece by NPR's David Folkenflik, which quotes Breitbart extensively and includes praise from Glenn Reynolds (who was not, by the way, identified as a conservative)..."
Now I must assume that Foser is an intelligent guy, since he is a 'Senior Fellow', but while he works at a media watchdog organization, he couldn't even be bothered to click on the NPR link that says "Listen to the Story". Having done so would have let Foser hear the words:
"Glenn Reynolds is a UT Law professor, perhaps better known as the conservative blogger, Instapundit...."
Jamison, if you are reading, it can be found starting at the 2:20 mark. There is more to the NPR report than just the web story (which does not use the 'C' word), since as you may have forgotten, 'R' stands for radio. But this may be excusable since the last I checked, there isn't much left on the radio for a devoted Progressive any more.

Lesson for the kiddies out there....if you ever grow up to be a 'Senior Fellow' (or even a happy fellow) at an organization whose stated purpose is to be a media watchdog and critic...perhaps you ought to watch/listen to more than one source before you decide to comment on a story....


Bryan said...

Are you holding your breath for a retraction?

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How about a "fellow traveler," does that count?