Fairness Doctrine Threat?

While any talk of reviving the Fairness Doctrine by the Congressional majority should be eyed with some trepidation, I think that this instance is a pure politcal ruse with ulterior motives.

Now what could be gained by threatening to enact unpopluar legislation to restrict free speech? How about using it as a foil to achieve what you really want?

For some time now, the Dems have been bellyaching about Clear Channel Communications owning too many radio stations, "scrubbing politically divergent commentary from the air", and also being the willing servant of the Bushitler noise machine.

Thus far their complaints have gotten nowhere as have efforts to place onerous new regulations on the industry, so what is a good liberal to do?

How about offering a bogeyman so distasteful, that less restrictive regulations (e.g. limitations on station ownership) won't look so bad?

I think that this whole Fairness Doctrine exercise was nothing more than preparatory fires to soften up a target to make their actual assault a lot easier. And given the way that milquetoast Republican congress-critters have been in a conciliatory state of mind, I can see them allowing the Dems to pass such a regulatory affront.

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