Reuters Reformed?

If you have been a dedicated blog reader over the last year, what would your first reaction to the words Reuters, Israel, and Lebanon?

It is fairly likely, just like me, that your reaction would have been "Faked Photos" and "news manipulation".

So I initially had the same reaction when I stumbled on this Reuters video report from yesterday.

It has all the elements of the typical wire report you might see out of the region, except that it shows Israel in a good light. Color me amazed... I thought there was a moratorium on stories showing that Israel suffered attacks by Hezbollah? Not to mention I thought, according to my reading of the press narratives, it was only Israel that targeted innocents.

Well it is good to see Reuters portray that conflict as more than one-sided, and Israel as a victim once in a while.

I guess we don't need that Fairness Doctrine after all. ;-)

Hat Tip: Larwyn and Hugh Hewitt (I found the video when clicking his link to the Live Earth-Rio flop video...)

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