Osama is Just Resting

OK, can we all just face up to the fact that Osama bin Laden is dead????

It has been my belief that he has been dead for some time. Today's video appearance (or lack thereof) is only further proof of such.

I mean, if al Qaeda has to use half-decade old clips, and can't even cobble together a couple of minutes of tape to prove OBL is still alive, it either means he is dead, or in such poor condition that it would be harmful to the morale of the AQ troops out there. (Note to MSM, remember this works both ways, so how about some good news stories already...)

In my humble opinion, OBL isn't hanging out in Waziristan pining for the fjords. This simple truth is that OBL wouldn't 'voom' if you put 4 thousand volts through him.

UPDATE: I'd like to think that great minds think alike, but Captain Ed has me lapped....

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