Details, Details

I will usually criticize the liberal press for its failure to know the difference between an Army Staff Sergeant and an Air Force Staff Sergeant, or an F-16 and an F-18.

It may be small potatoes in the press room, but details matter.

So it disappoints me that the normally stalwart NY Post and its editors have failed the details test.

Accompanying today's column by Ralph Peters about General Petraeus and his new job, is a picture of the General, but just a little bit out of date.

Petraeus is a 'General', or in everyday parlance, a '4-Star General'. This picture shows him as a 2-star, or 'Major General', which he hasn't been since 2004.

Since Petraeus is the most photographed military leader this decade, especially the last year, it shouldn't be too hard to find a picture of him with the correct rank.

C'mon NY Post, get it right. We expect better of you...

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