Images and their Messages

Bob Owens at Confederate Yankee points out a new DNC ad against McCain which contains the usual selective editing and some video of U.S. Soldiers in an explosion.

As disturbing as the use of such video is to make political hay, it is slightly more disturbing that television networks would allow it to run, apparently without question.

Are these the same television networks that put heavy restrictions on showing imagery from the attacks of 9/11 because they might be disturbing and (unstated) send the wrong message (e.g. retribution) to the American public?

By that measure of thinking, the DNC ad could prove traumatic for military families and veterans. But I suppose that is justified, if it will help swing an election and get the troops home faster, right?

At the very least if the networks are to air this ad, they should use an introduction warning of graphic images. But that would just highlight the crassness of the effort even more.

H/T - Instapundit

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