It's Not All About Hillary

So Hillary was on O'Reilly last night (and again tonight), and apparently was somewhat impressive. So much so that some on the conservative side of the aisle might even view her as acceptable. Heck some obscure internet pundits have declared that she might possibly be the "most uncompromising wartime President in U.S. history" (should that be 'herstory'?)

That may well be true, I dunno.

But I want to say this to all conservatives who think that perhaps things wouldn't be so bad if she were to get the nomination and then win the election....

This election ain't all about the war, and this election ain't all about Hillary.

The election is about all the issues, and the election is about all the people she would bring into the administration with her.

It has been proven time and again that a President is limited in what he actually *can* do. It is the politicos who are brought in to take over the vast federal bureaucracies and establish/implement their policies that are the ones who can do the most good....or the most damage.

So if you think that Hillary as a tough talking, uncompromising wartime president is acceptable, than you had better be ready to accept all the liberal and leftist activists who are going to take over leadership positions in Justice, Education, Immigration and Customs Enforcement , HHS, EPA, OMB, DHS, Defense, CIA, etc....

To make matters worse, since the Dems own (and will continue to own) both the House and the Senate, there will be no inclination to put forth "moderate" appointees in order to win confirmation. You can't filibuster everybody, doing so will get you ground up by the inevitable Clinton PA noise machine.

Thusly, Hillary should not be acceptable to any conservative just because she might talk a good game on one or two issues during the campaign. To believe otherwise, IMHO, is delusional....

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