Your Papers Please

It is predictable that the left would portray today's Supreme Court decision on Voter Identification laws as a blow against freedom and proof of the erosion of civil rights.
The court vote 6-3 to uphold Indiana's strict photo ID requirement. Democrats and civil rights groups say the law would deter poor, older and minority voters from casting ballots.
Funny, strict ID requirements don't seem to deter 'poor, older and minority' persons from driving.

If you can stand your butt in line for hours to get a license, then you can spare 20 seconds to pull it out and show it to the poll workers.

Stop whining....

UPDATE: From Doug Ross...much more than driving...
"Put simply, the only thing voter ID deters is fraud. Without identification, a person cannot apply for welfare, can't drive, can't fly, can't hold a job, can't have a bank account, can't apply for either social security, Medicare or Medicaid, and can't apply for food stamps or WIC. So much for hurting the "elderly, poor and minorities."

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subrookie said...

Or provide sufficient ID to cash a social security or welfare check. I get asked for a photo ID several times a week. You need ID to fly, cash checks, drink beer, use a credit card, but they want us to believe it is a burden on old, poor people to make them get an ID card?