Defining Success in Malaise-ese

So President Obama tells us that the "stimulus" bill “will save or create up to 4 million jobs”.

Now if that isn't shooting low, I am not sure what is. (Heck, even Bush created 4.8 million jobs, the left acknowledges this.) Shouldn't the goal of any economic bill be to 'save' the 136 million jobs that still exist in this country? And then perhaps create several million more?

In reality that Presidential speech line is a cop out, not to mention nonsensical. If for reason we stayed stuck at the employment numbers we have right now, Obama would be able to claim success, as 4 million people hadn't lost their jobs.

Since that is the case, he might as well go hole hog and say that his plan "will save or create up to 136 million jobs". That way he can have all his bases covered....

But if he had any real confidence, or political
chutzpah, he should say "this bill will re-employ those 3 million people who have lost their jobs, and create X million more..." However since he know he can't back that up, I assume we will see him stick with his save/create cop out....


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