The Week in Pictures

Here is a review of some of the stories of the week in pictures:

"Mr. Obama, who hates the cold, had cranked up the thermostat."

Obama serves $100/lb Waygu steak in the White House.

Dozens die and over 700,000 remain without power....and without Federal Govt assistance....


The Brat said...

Thank you. For all his fancy words, this really is a damning indictment of his 'one America'...I am going to post this and link to you.

Thank you..Brat

Mitch said...

Thanks for all the good work Barry, I'm real happy your trying real hard to get those republicans over to your side.

Mitch said...

I had ment to add to my previous comment: All your bi-partisan cheer should quickly fix all the horrible things in this country, it might even stop the horrible effects of global warming in flyover country!!!

Webmaster said...

More proof that obama and his band of tax scofflaws are nothing more than a FRAUD.

Where is the press on this?

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

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