Winners in Life's Lottery

Dick Gephardt was famous for calling the rich the "winners in life's lottery".

He was of course implying that all those that were rich were simply undeserving trust-fund leeches, and that of course is unfair to the other 95% of America. Never mind that most of these 'winners' worked hard to get where they were...that gets in the way of the memé...

Interestingly though, we now have a new class of folks who are more deserving of the label "winners in life's lottery." I refer of course to those 9 million mortgage defaulters who will be the beneficiaries of President Obama's Mortgage plan.

Lets see.....get a mortgage you can't afford, get nailed by a nasty financial downturn, and get bailed out and keep your home. Wow! I can't think of anyone else who might be worthy of being called "winners in life's lottery". Talk about something that is
is unfair to the other 95% of America....


imee said...

Haha. I never thought of seeing the rich as extremely lucky, or as Gephardt calls them winners of life's lottery. A lot of the rich, especially now during the financial crisis, are experiencing fallbacks and getting hit by the financial downturn of the economy. I just hope the more deserving/needier people would benefit from/get prioritized for the president's housing plan.


Anonymous said...