Anger Validated

Thoughts from the Atlanta airport, where I am forced to listen the CNN's non-stop Obamafornia coverage.

I think the President is setting a very bad precedent for himself, and his administration. The President says he is choked with anger about AIG, and wants us to be choked with the same anger over the mid-use of government bailout monies.

So if that is the new precedent, has he just legitimized and validated the burgeoning 'tea-party' movement??

If you ask me he is setting himself up to be the recipient of the same choking anger that will grow when people learn of all the useless places the bailout money is going...

So if you are having any guilt about feeling a kinship with the Tea Party movement, take the President's advice....don't. If he can be choked by anger at the actions of the government he leads....then so can you!