Now *that* is Climate Justice

Back in mid-December, some lefty green group called for a massive rally in DC:
Make Climate Justice History - Mass civil disobedience March 2nd, 2009 in DC
At that time Greg Pollowitz at NRO's Planet Gore went out on a limb and said:
Anyone want to bet on a snowstorm hitting D.C. on March 2, 2009?
Today's Washington Post:
Snow Blankets Washington Area
Region Braces for What Could Be Largest Winter Storm in Three Years
Guess all you global warming protestors had better bundle up!

(Hat Tip: Mark Hemingway)

UPDATE: Powerline had this great photo, so I will steal it...

Thanks to commenter Keyboard Jockey for links as well....who has a great update of his own...


thc said...

Your 15 minutes. Nicely done.

Jeromeo said...

Al Bore had planned a "major speech" on Global Warming Hysteria (GWH) a couple years ago in New York, and it was the coldest recorded day on that date in New York history.

I swear - God is torturing the GWH nitwits.

keyboard.jockey said...

Take A Look there is a slide show of the Capitol after 10 inches of snow overnight.


They are planning on going ahead with the protest they really are not into irony.

Anonymous said...