Rush's CPAC Speech

For those of you who may not have seen it, Rush limbaugh's speech to CPAC on Saturday night can be seen in its entirety (though segmented) over at Hot Air:

Video: Limbaugh brings down the house at CPAC

First segment:

Beyond his speech, one of the best items comes at the very beginning of segment 1, where anonymous CNN announcer-babe says "We go to Washington right now, to listen to this guy, radio host, conservative, Rush Limbaugh. Apparently he is now kind-of commandeering, leading the Republican Party..."

This only shows how insulated the MSM is within the liberal spin bubble, which is trying to make Limbaugh a major target,and poster boy of the GOP. First, if Rush had wanted to use his great public appeal and 'commandeer' the GOP, he would have done it by now. Second....what else would we expect a major outspoken, conservative figure to be doing? How is a speech, or even his outspokeness on the new administration an indication of him allegedly taking over the GOP?

Just another indicator at how shallow today's 'news' organizations are that weak hyperbole can pass as analysis....