Today's Miracle, Tomorrow's Tragedy

There is a lot being made today over the high-risk, yet successful surgery performed on a 7 year old girl, where she had 6 organs removed, and 3 re-implanted.

The media (MSNBC, USA Today) is billing it as a "miracle". What the media doesn't mention is the fact that this tremendous, and again high-risk, procedure is a fantastic reflection of the great health care we have, it is also an example of medical miracles that *won't* be available should we choose to go down the proposed road of a nationalized health-care program. In the video at the MSNBC link, the mother implores parents of sick children not to stop with a second-opinion, in other words 'don't take no for an answer'.

Unfortunately, in the future, another child seeking this procedure very well may hear "NO" from a government mandated health-care system that seeks to reduce costs, and avoid "high-risk".

However I wouldn't put it past future health commissars to actually perform a few of these procedures, in order to have "miracles" in order to display the efficacy and benevolence of government health care. I guess you can call me cynical.....